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"Why, Miss Dax, would I ever do such a thing?"


"Of course, not. You remembered my favourite. Thanks!"
She borrowed an untouched fork next to Morn and swiped a bit of frosting from the top.

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"Is it poisoned?" She teased.


"You had time to call the police. Why didn’t you?"

Her gaze lowered. ”Well…” A meek voice answered with a shrug of her small shoulders and a shy smile. “She was intriguing.”


I can just imagine Damar telling everyone who will listen how much he hates Weyoun. He never stops talking about Weyoun. Weyoun this, Weyoun that. I swear. Damar needs a hobby. 

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Mirror, Mirror


Well… it was progress at least to have the phaser pointed away from her. Kira stood, carefully, so as not to startle Ezri into action. “Thank you,” she said, moving to stand closer to Ezri, hoping to gain a few more seconds in her personal space before she spent the too-familiar cells on this station. “Will you come visit me?” she asked. “I used to get so lonely when the Terrans had me locked up.”

A dubious expression entrenched itself on Ezri’s face but as she opened her mouth to reply, she heard footsteps coming from down the hall. Keeping an eye on the Intendant, she crossed over to the door and palmed it to open. In strode Odo with an entourage of four officers. More were outside in the corridor.

"Is everything alright?" He directed his question with a glance toward Ezri, but the woman sitting on her couch drew his gaze. Unmistakably, a look of shock came over the Chief of Security’s face. "I…" Odo’s eyes flicked quickly between Ezri’s and Nerys’s. "I don’t understand. What’s going on?"

I don’t sense that she’s a changeling… He thought to himself. Nonetheless he did not give the order for his men to stand down.

Summertime on Romulus


Vreenak gave an annoyed glance at his guards. Hmph, if I only could use those capable hands… Then the small smirk returned on his lips. Patience Merken, patience… “Hmm… What would you say if we visited the capital?” He suggested. “It’s close, it’s a very beautiful city and there is one of my favourite restaurants which has a delicious Osol twist. You should try one, they are my favourites.”

Ezri watched him decide and listened to his suggestion, but already knew what her answer would be. “I’d love to,” she replied with a soft smile. To see all of Romulus, if she could, she would, but the capital was the best place begin to observe. Dax had never been to Romulus nor personally met anyone who had.

Sometimes she wondered why past hosts had never become anthropologists or sociologists with all the curiosity they had about meeting new people. Maybe it was because they never liked to draw attention to the study or make it a life long goal to publish papers about it; perhaps, to keep it a secret hobby.

That was what struck her as something she liked about their friendship that was particularly unique to others she had had. They had their secrets, but neither party minded. In fact, Ezri would be lying to herself if she didn’t find him all the more alluring knowing there were a veritable trove of state secrets floating around in that Romulan mind of his.

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Julian/Ezri One-shot


This was written for a sprint so it ended up being longer then a drabble.  I might expand on it someday but I need to know if its in character.  It was inspired by one of those Texts from DS9 posts.

Rated PG- but only because there is references to nudity.

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