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GET TO KNOW ME: [1/5] FAVORITE SHOWS →  Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993-1999)

SISKO: That may be the most important thing to understand about humans. It is the unknown that defines our existence. We are constantly searching, not just for answers to our questions, but for new questions. We are explorers. We explore our lives day by day, and we explore the galaxy, trying to expand the boundaries of our knowledge. And that is why I am here; not to conquer you with weapons or ideas, but to coexist and learn.


I cried while rewatching the ep for the screenshots, so yes I decided to make it! You can feel my pain with me. 

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I can’t bear the thought of losing you as a friend.

❀“This is for you, Ezri!”
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Dax looked up from her PADD and blinked once, then straightened with a smile. “For me?” She extended her hands and gently took the lovely garland into them, then raised it and fitted it onto her head. “That is so sweet. Thank you!” At once she stood, ready to return the kind thought with a friendly embrace.






Ezri and Martok’s Snowy Adventure (Holosuites)


Such childish games, Martok thought with a slight shake of his head. In truth, he rather missed the days when he had been able to run around playing foolish games with Drex and Lahzna and Shen, especially since there had been so precious few of them - his job had always kept Martok away from home more than he would have liked. But those days would come again, whenever his children got around to giving him some grandchildren- assuming he lived that long.

He shook these thoughts away quickly. Until that day came, he could not make a fool of himself by pretending to be a child. There was training to be done and wars to be fought. Besides, whilst that thin ice might support the tiny Ezri Dax, he doubted it would stay solid under his own weight.

"Oh," he replied, sarcastically, but not vindictively - more in the manner of a shared joke between friends. "I can just picture myself now, plummeting through the cracked ice and then to the bottom of the lake, to make friends with the scuttling creatures who live in its depths!" Chuckling softly at the ridiculous mental image, he extended his hand to help Dax to her feet. Enough games, Martok thought. Let us go on to the battle!

Ezri glanced at him understandingly with a warm grin and grasped his hand firmly. “Don’t worry—” Grunting softly, she dug a booted foot into the snow as leverage to hoist herself up off of the ice. The other foot began to slide out from under her, but Dax quickly corrected it and gingerly leap onto the shore. Firm, packed snow crunched under her feet. ”Hah! I’d call for a floatation device before that happened…” She smirked, then as she stripped her outer bulky layer, carrying on the joke. “Something with flowers.” Vapour billowed out of her mouth as she chuckled. 

She raised her right arm, palm open to the enduring sunset. “Computer. Vulcan shortbow. No! Belay that… mek’leth.” mek’leth materialised into her hand. Ezri flipped it into her left, testing the holographic weight. It was suitable. “I’m rusty with my skills.” She explained. “Jadzia always wanted to improve hers, but she still preferred the reach of the bat’leth. So, shall we begin?” This was going to be interesting, she thought. She hadn’t tested her skills for many months. Already, she could remember the moves, but would her muscles respond correctly? Or would she fall all over herself again like in baseball practice?

Little did Martok know that a sleek figure, slate grey with darker spots and a tuft of longer fur sticking out in a line down its back, was swishing its tail on the snow-covered ledge above them. Ezri was aware of it out of the corner of her eyes, but when she lifted her chin, it had vanished. The penguins seemed to have grown silent, and the wind began to pick up, flinging snow flurries into their faces. Off in the distance, a long, low moan began as a complimentary chord to the wind’s wail, but eerily rose above it.


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With the delicate ring of flora placed on her friend’s head, Verelan dropped her hands to her sides and smiled serenely. 


"They are an Earth flower named forget-me-nots," the Romulan explained. "One of the botanical labs allowed me to have some for this little gift." Verelan had thought the blue of the blossoms would suit Ezri well, especially with her eye colour.

"I am glad you like them!"


"Ah," Ezri hummed. "I bet it was Keiko who introduced them. She’s always brought back some of the most fascinating…" Dax bent her nose to the small flowers. "And beautiful species." The forget-me-nots did not have a strong scent, but they were yet lovely to look at.

She tilted her head, brow furrowing, all of a sudden. “I wonder why they’re called ‘forget-me-nots’…?” Her expression changed, as thought took flight into words, to one of arch curiosity. “Sounds like there’s an interesting story there.”

Field of Flowers


"If Starfleet can’t respect a flower crown, they’ve got big problems, Ezri."

"I know, right?" She grinned. "Who wants a field of fire when they can lay in a field of flowers? And they’re nicer than pips. Pips pop off all the time. One of mine popped off the other day in Ops and rolled down the turbolift shaft!” She confessed with an emphatic gesture of her arms.

Captain of the Woodland Flowers




The captain deemed this woman very remarkable. Not only was she a traveller from the stars, but there was even another being inside her. She knew not any details, but it was enough to interest her. It was unlike anything they had here in the forest.

       “I’m sorry if I’m intruding.” she added, settling next to the maiden
       with the curious spots on her temples. “Today is a day we all grace
       each other with flower crowns.”

The brave ones even graced her king with one, who did not wear his crown of leaves and berries today but a crown made of lavender and lush green leaves. Occasionally he removed it, hinting that now was the time to offer him another but not many had the courage to come forth.

        “A celebration of spring.”


She came to her from beneath the twilight of the trees bearing a ringlet of flowers, dressed in leathers and elven raiments. Her face, radiant as it became touched by the light of the moon and her eyes, refracting the light of the stars. Her name given, the stars above seemed to brighten and the sound which carried it seemed to echo… something which Dax strained momentarily to comprehend. It stilled her heart, mind, and soul.

For as much as her presence seemed remarkable to Tauriel, Ezri regarded the elleth with a look of rapt acknowledgement as she rose to her feet. “Oh no, it’s alright! You’re not intruding, Captain.” That was a word tumbling from her lips which seemed like an old, familiar friend she hadn’t seen in a while, and Ezri suddenly thought of Captain Tauriel of the USS Greenwood. It made her smile grow warm, and she began to remember her courtesies. "Thank you for thinking of me. was wondering why I saw some of the guards wearing them." She grinned. "Now it makes sense. Has anyone offered you a crown?”

Almost every humanoid culture had celebrations for the seasons tied into the importance of harvest —before the age of modern technology made such customs ‘antiquated’. Ezri felt she could appreciate them but she had to admit, after living such a different lifestyle, she had come here with eyes that had not yet abstracted the ‘quaint’ from antiquated. To know a thing mechanically was entirely separate from appreciating the importance behind it, and to be a part of the collective, Ezri was able come to appreciate the love and devotion behind the rituals and the dynamism of those sentiments.

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Forget-me-nots were so dainty a flower and their azure hue something Ezri found enjoyable to look at. They made a very classy-looking crown of flowers. Woven together expertly, they created a miniature cloud of dozens of small blue flowers in a ring around her head. So small a flower, and yet so charming to look at. How curious, the sentiment mesmerised her as she ran her fingers through the cloud.

"Thank you, Verelan! These are beautiful. What’s their name and where did you get them?" She asked with a keen interest.



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Dax tilted her head upward when she felt the presence of another. “Oh!” It was a soft note escaping her lips as she looked up in awe at her visitor gifting her with a. Some confusion crossed her face, but mostly awe. In a sense, she was flattered an elleth would take the time to think of a mortal’s beauty when hers seemed to transcend the visible limitations. "Thank you," she managed.

Red hair, striking green eyes the colour of the mossy bed beneath her fingertips— there were many elves with red hair among Legolas’s kin, but she felt like a name was on the tip of her tongue. “Do I know you? I… feel like I do.” She suddenly broke into a goofy smile. “That must sound strange.”



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Dax closed her eyes and chuckled as the crown came down on her head, then she grasped her friend’s hand and smiled at her. “Gia! That’s so sweet! But what do you mean they’re not edible?” She laughed, whacking her friend playfully on the arm with a padd, only half-joking. Somewhere on earth, she had seen a delicacy where flower petals were dipped in chocolate fondue.